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Witchill School Project

A school grounds project began at Witchill School, Kilmarnock in 2007.

The main elements to the project were to create a large living willow tunnel dome,
together with a living willow tunnel.

The original installation was replaced with a more robust, creative structure as the
competition from grass proved too much for the original dome and
tunnels. The new structure has a wider trench dug and was finished off with a bark
chippings weed suppressant.

Old structures  Old Structures

Start of new tunnel dome  New tunnel dome

New more elaborate weaving  New tunnel dome

Lower view of dome tunnel  Side view of dome tunnel

New Tunnel  New Dome Tunnel

Willow archway tunnel  Pergola and Tunnel  Pathway Tunnel

New dome, February 2011

Initial shape  Starting the arch  Taking shape

Completed dome  Completed dome

June 2011 images