School visits and projects


We are happy to provide advice and support in the development of school grounds and
improving your area for wildlife and biodiversity.

Recent School Grounds Projects Include

Hillside School, Cumnock
Auchinleck Nursery Wildlife Garden

  Sorn Primary - 'The Enchanted Forest'

We can also arrange visits to schools and local woodlands to provide activities
and projects in accordance with the curriculum, on a range of topics.

Some examples of topics include

Enchanted Forest - Letting the imagination wander and creating a world usually hidden from view!
Bird songs and calls - Join an experienced member of staff in identifying bird songs and calls with cd player / mp3 & natural sounds
Spring bulb planting - Have a planting session to enhance our local woodlands
Tree and leaf identification - Join us to find out more about trees, uses & folklore, in any season
Wildflowers and folklore - Come into the fascinating world of wildflowers and their uses and folklore
How good is your wood? - Is your area good for wildlife? lets survey it and find out
Autumn harvest - Become a bird or a mammal for the day and find out the riches to be found in hedgerows & woods
Minibeast hunt - Simple but enjoyable, discover the creatures that live below the soil or under the water
Butterfly survey - An enjoyable introduction to surveying and good exercise too!
Animal tracks & signs - Find ways to see what has been foraging around during the day or through the night
Mysterious creatures - Only limited by the imagination................
Nest box survey - Designing, building, installing, monitoring, the whole range

such as rushlight / candle making, ash and hazel fencing, willow and hazel hurdle making,
shelter building or basic bushcraft techniques.

Specific curriculum topics can also be covered in your local woodland in;

Art & Design

Crossroads Primary Willow Dome

For information on willow structures such as domes, tunnels, fences or archways
we can supply or install, please visit our willow resources page.

or contact us for further information.

***** Please note *****

Simple educational woodland visits are free of charge but we have to charge for school grounds development work,
living willow structures and some craft activities if extra materials are required.

Traditional Woodland Skills


We actively seek to promote traditional crafts and skills, both through the Forest Cluster and as East Ayrshire
Woodlands and this allows small taster projects or larger scale work to be very hands on with a group.

In addition to general environmental education, we can offer 'woodland school' type activities which can either
follow more formal curriculum subjects in a woodland setting or involve traditional woodland skills and practices

Projects can include;

Traditional candle making and rushlights
Willow hurdle making
Wattle and Daub
Ash and Hazel fences and Gates
Living willow structures, domes, tunnels, fences, archways, seats
Chinese Moongates
Shelter Building
Basic Bushcraft

East Ayrshire Woodlands and the Ayrshire Forest Cluster are actively looking to progress forest
schools within Ayrshire.

If you have a good woodland within walking distance from your school and would like to discuss
opportunities to develop this as an outdoor teaching resource for general curriculum topics or
as a woodland / forest school please get in touch to discuss and arrange a visit.