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Rustic benches and woodwork

Interested in having a bench made & installed? contact us

***Please note, this is only a small part of what we do and we are not a large, commercial operation.
Everything we do is hand made and therefore we do not have the capacity for large orders but for small
individual orders of carefully crafted, distinctive items***

(Guide price range of benches shown here between £100 & £800 + VAT, designed, created & installed)

***We now have the capacity to courier benches (bench tops) up to 5' in length. Installation is only offered
in Ayrshire and surrounding counties unless part of a larger project***

East Ayrshire Woodlands have been producing a number of rustic benches for schools and community woodlands
throughout the region, many of which perfectly compliment our range of willow domes and willow features.

All the wood we use is sourced locally and is using timber that has been acquired from the result of essential
woodland management, particulary as a result of age and weakness or as a result of storm damage.

Our teams are heavily involved in felling, transportation and installation of the finished features.
We then hand craft each bench, avoiding any further use of power tools if possible, though can router an
appropriate message or phrase in to further enhance the final look of the bench. We can design, source,
hand craft, finish with oil and install all benches.

A summary of recently installed benches is shown below.

Loudoun Hill, Irvine Valley

Picnic bench viewpoint  Our installation team   Perfect view of the hill

The large picnic bench table top was produced by a local craftsman, whilst East Ayrshire Woodlands staff, created
the two smaller benches, the viewpoint boundary and did all the installation work.

Installing  Car park benches nearly done

Templand Wood, Woodroad Park, Cumnock

Installing  The finished bench

Created in the new forest school / education clearing and opened with the storytelling day for Greenmill Primary

Kirk Plantation, Muirkirk

Tranquil scene  Benches in front of the old oak

Created in the new forest school / education clearing and opened with the storytelling day for Muirkirk Primary

Onthank 'the foxes' community woodland

Hazel pegs  First use  Routered message

Created on request from Onthank Nursery in their new forest school / education clearing and opened with their storytelling &
activity day

Fenwick Primary School

The Fenwick Primary bench was the finishing touch to their new willow structures and was sited in the hidden part behind the dome
& tunnel.

Craufurdland Estate

Bench at Craufurdland

The large 'U' shaped rustic bench we installed in the forest school clearing at Craufurdland Estate is to date,
the largest feature we have produced. Extremely robust, it is fast settling in to its new surroundings, with the
large diameter bases and hazel pegging weathering nicely.

Loudoun Hill Memorial Bench






New benches under construction


New Interpretation Panel Surrounds

Interested in having an interpretation panel created & installed? contact us or visit our
page for further information & interpretation examples.

Finished panel, Newmilns Nature Site

This frame was created from two hardwood slices joined together, routered out and the panel set in and
further framed with beading. All fixing were finished with hazel pegs & a lower routered message sign added.

The finished, installed panel  Countersinking for bolts and pegs

More drilling  Ready to peg

Hazel pegs done  Ready to go to site

The Jubilee panel at Loudoun Hill was carefully selected to have the same profile as the hill itself and was from a single slice.
It was finished with hazel pegs & beading. All the timber was sourced from our essential woodland management.

Patna Community Woodland signs in production