Newmilns Nature Site

Newmilns Nature Site lies in the valley of the River Irvine to the west of Newmilns, approximately 6 miles (9.6km)
east of Kilmarnock. It lies on the A71 Kilmarnock to Edinburgh road and is situated directly behind Newmilns Primary
School and Newmilns Fire Station.


Grid reference: NS520372

Parking: No parking directly available at the site.

Access: Formal access throughout the site with level, surfaced paths, suitable for wheelchair use.
Can be reached on foot from the Gilfoot housing estate on the western side of Newmilns and from an
unclassified road off the A71, before entering Newmilns from Kilmarnock.

Within short walking distance: Big Wood


Bulb Planting with Newmilns Primary

Description: Newmilns Nature Site was planted in 1998 to create new mixed broad-leaved woodland.
It contains a wide variety of native and shrub species, but has not been designed on new native woodland
principles since diversity of species for amenity purposes has been adopted as an overriding design criteria.
The main tree species include birch, alder, willow and rowan with some oak, hazel and hawthorn. Bird cherry
has been added to provide colour along the edge of the site.

Selected Bird Species: Newmilns Nature Site provides excellent habitat for a range of resident and migrant
species, particularly in the broad area of hedge and scrub along the north boundary. It is probably one of the best sites we
are involved in for Summer migrant warblers and is a wonderful site for nature study, particularly for birdsong.
Recorded species include;

Blackbird - (Turdus merula)  Goldfinch - (Carduelis carduelis)  Blue tit - (Cyanistes caeruleus)  Bullfinch - (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)
Blackbird                                     Goldfinch                               Blue tit                            Bullfinch

Greenfinch - (Carduelis chloris)  Robin - (Erithacus rubecula)  Song Thrush - (Turdus philomelos)  Wren - (Troglodytes troglodytes)
Greenfinch                                       Robin                     Song thrush                           Wren

Sedge warbler            Common whitethroat                  Blackcap                                      Willow warbler

Constructing the willow archways  With the woven archway

Woven archways  Tree planting in the rain

Tree planting in the rain   Ready for tree planting

Nature Site Improvements, October 2010

In conjunction with Newmilns and Greenholm Community Council and with support from Awards for All,
East Ayrshire Woodlands started major improvements to the nature site in October 2010.

The much needed path improvements were carried out by a local contractor, with new sections of path providing
access from the new garden by the A71 and from the rear of the primary school.


Motorbike inhibitors were installed at the main access points and one of the small bridges by the western access was upgraded.

An improved, limited car parking area was also created at the western entrance.


By the playing field, a motorbike inhibitor was installed near to an existing desire line and a length of new chestnut
paling was also installed to define and improve the site boundary.


Ongoing work will see the installation of a wildlife interpretation panel, new benches, a feature totem pole and a new fence
following the removal of the hedge which caused visibility problems turning out on to the A71.

Preparing footbridge off site  Bridge side view

Bridge close up, before completion  


Unfortunately, another spate of vandalism has affected the site, with one of the motorbike inhibitors damaged and trees cut down