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Minishant Primary Willow Structures

East Ayrshire Woodlands were asked to renovate an old structure someone had done several
years before and the new design incorporated a willow 'extension' in a Grand Designs goes
willow sort of way. The plan hatched was to try and save the old tunnel and make it usable &
to create the new features with archways, a new tunnel, central dome and outer fences.

The old structure before we started work

Design of new archways along the reformed tunnel

Main central archway to lead to the willow 'extension'

Tunnel to lead into outer fenced area and central dome


Marking out for the dome and creating the new tunnel

New entrance to old tunnel and new structures  

Dome under construction

Continuing the saving of the old structure

Tunnel leading to central area  

Finished tunnel leading to central area

Dome and outer fence  

Completed renovation & extensions, with all planting trenches bark chipped.