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Loudoun Montgomery Nursery Willow Structure

East Ayrshire Woodlands constructed a new style of igloo dome at Loudoun Montgomery
Nursery in Irvine, with a more elaborate upper woven rim instead of using the longest lengths
of willow for the whole structure. We also incorporated a pointed arch entrance rather than
a curved one to give it quite a gothic appearance.



Sadly, the original structure did not survive and upon further investigation it became clear why.
The school had, in good faith, paid to have a garden area created an an old area of tarmac and
for some unknown reason, this resulted in no more than about 5 inches of soil and grass before
a thick layer of woven suppressant sheet was uncovered with about 2 feet of solid hardcore
below that. The willow tried its best but it is no wonder why it wouldn't grow

!Removing the old structure  The impossible task!

Proper excavation of this would have been extremely costly and time consuming so we decided
to replace it on the mound of soil to the side of the previous dome. This formed a really pleasing
shape that just has to be called an 'eggloo'! we then installed a couple of small steps and added
lots of stems to give it the best chance.

Starting the new weave    Weaving the roof

Steps installed  Finished Eggloo!