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Council Links      

East Ayrshire Council   Visit the East Ayrshire Council Website
South Ayrshire Council    Visit the South Ayrshire Council Website
North Ayrshire Council  Visit the North Ayrshire Council Website

Environmental Organisations

Coalfield Environment Initiative  Visit the Coalfield Environment Initiative Website
Scottish Wildlife Trust  Visit the Scottish Wildlife Trust Website
 Scottish Forestry   

Forestry and Land Scotland   
Scottish Natural Heritage   Visit the Scottish Natural Heritage Website
 RSPB Scotland   Visit the RSPB Scotland Website

Southern Uplands Partnership    Visit the Southern Uplands Partnership Website
Ayrshire Rivers Trust   Visit the Ayrshire Rivers Trust Website
 BTCV Scotland   Visit BTCV Scotland Website

Greenspace Scotland  Visit the Greenspace Scotland Website
National Trust For Scotland   Visit the National Trust  for Scotland Website

Environmental Groups / Access & Health / Tourism

Ayrshire Red Squirrel Group    Visit the Ayrshire Red Squirrel Group Website
Ayrshire Birding  Visit the Ayrshire Birding Website
 Reforesting Scotland  Visit the Reforesting Scotland Website

East Ayrshire Outdoor Access Project Visit the Paths to Health Website
Ayrshire Paths  Visit the Ayrshire Path Network Website
The River Ayr Way Visit the River Ayr Way Website

The Southern Upland Way Visit the Southern Upland Way Website

Voluntary / Education     Visit Yipworld Website
 CSV Volunteers   Visit CSV Website
Forest Education Initiative   Visit the Forest Education Website

Careers Scotland     Visit Careers Scotland Website
 The Dolphin House   Visit the Dolphin House Website
ACE Visit the Adventure Centre for Education website

Community Groups and Craftworkers

 Heartfelt by Liz Visit Heartfelt by Liz website
Hastingwood Basket Works Visit Hastingwood Basket Works website

Landscapes - Art  Visit the Landscapes-art Website
 Jim Ewart Woodcarvings  Visit Jim Ewart Woodcarvings website
Quantum Chainsaw Carvings  Visit Quantum Chainsaw Carvings website

Community Woodlands Association Visit the Community Woodlands Association Website
 Scottish Basketmakers Circle Visit the Scottish Basketmakers Circle Website
Creran Carvings Visit Creran Carving Website

The Woodroad Regeneration Forum The Woodroad Regeneration Forum Website
ACDI website
Auchinleck Community
Development Initiative

Country Parks

Dean Castle Country Park    Visit the Dean Castle Country Park Website
Kelburn Country Centre  Visit the Kelburn Country Centre Website

Culzean Castle & Country Park  Visit the Culzean Castle & Country Park Website
Eglinton Country Park  Visit the Eglinton Country Park Website