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East Ayrshire Woodlands were approached in early 2010 about the possibility of designing,
creating and installing a unique feature in the school's wildlife garden, to take the form of a
Chinese 'moongate', a large circular structure to be situated over a path and allow people to
walk through it.

Try as we might, we couldn't find any example of a moongate ever being made out of willow
before, more usually wood or stone, so this was seen as a bit of a challenge!

We approached the construction in a similar way to constructing willow wreath bases, but
around very sturdy ash poles, driven into the ground in a perfect circle.

Starting the first circle

While one of the two huge hoops was woven around the outside of the poles, the upper hoop
was woven in and out of the uprights in a basketmaking / hurdle making fashion.


We then tightly lashed everything together and added smaller woven circles all the way around,
between the two circles.

Last lashings  Completed moongate

raised moongate   Path section removed

Siting the moongate   fixing the moongate

Finished position  Main structure installed

Apt position by the water  Side view and ash poles  

Initial Installation took place on Thursday 11th March, with some additional work to follow.

Moongate with 6 months new growth.