About Us - East Ayrshire Woodlands

East Ayrshire Woodlands is a partnership initiative supporting communities and landowners to expand and enhance
native and amenity woodlands in Ayrshire. We promote sustainable management practices that ensure these areas
deliver a range of social, economic and environmental benefits.

The project was established in 1997 as a co-operative arrangement of six economic development, forestry and
conservation organisations. Substantial additional support was provided through the Millennium Forest for Scotland
The project employs 8 full-time and one part-time staff.


We are........................

An 'arms - length' organisation linked to East Ayrshire Council

We are not...................

Linked to Scottish Woodlands or the Woodland Trust! Neither are we the East Ayrshire Woodlands Trust!

Woodland in Ayrshire


Ayrshire has approximately 21% tree cover, most of which is conifer plantation established over the last 30 years.
Only 2% is considered to be ancient or semi-natural in origin and the bulk of this is fragmented, often neglected,

blocks of less than 5ha restricted to steep burn and river valley slopes. These broadleaf woodlands are recognised
to be amongst our most valuable areas for biodiversity. In addition they make a substantial contribution to the landscape
character of Ayrshire and offer great potential for recreational access, rural employment and environmental education.

What we do


We seek to secure and expand native and amenity woodland cover by providing
professional services in relation to woodland design and survey, land restoration,
preparation of management plans, application for funding, organisation and supervision
of contract works.

We seek to develop access and recreation opportunities within woodland by
constructing and maintaining appropriate paths and tracks, waymarking and
publicising of routes and links to wider outdoor access networks.

We manage an Intermediate Labour Market programme in forestry skills for
long-term unemployed in East Ayrshire.

We seek to engage and support local communities in the management of woodlands
by undertaking participatory appraisal, assisting establishment of community
woodland groups, facilitating local networking and organising practical volunteering

We promote and deliver environmental education linked to woodlands by
overseeing and participating in the Ayrshire Forest Education Cluster, installing
interpretation boards in woodlands, organising guided walks and practical training events.

We promote and demonstrate traditional woodland craft skills such as charcoal burning, coppice
management, willow weaving & construction, green woodwork & candle making.

We support the activity of individuals and local sub-contractors working with
woodland products and in woodlands by enhancing access to tendering opportunities,
specifying local hardwood for site signs and furniture, facilitating networking
between woodland owners and woodland craft workers, operating a community tree
nursery and promoting woodland and countryside crafts at local events.

Facts and figures (August 2012 update)

Annual Turnover
£550,000 - £600, 000
Project Activity         
25% Woodland & Access Management
65% ILM Programme for long-term unemployed
10% Community Development & Environmental Education

New Amenity Woodland      
290ha on 58 sites
Woodland Management      
346ha on 62 sites
Woodland Access
35km within 50 sites
ILM Programme                 
101 long-term unemployed into work (to be updated)
>1000 Certificated Qualifications achieved
(to be updated)


Downloadable Publications

AnnualReport1997-2001PDF    Annual Report 2005-2006PDF

Annual Report 2006-2007PDF   New Leaflet Side A   New Leaflet Side B