Auchinleck Nursery Wildlife Garden

A school grounds project began at Auchinleck Nursery, in Late 2007, between the
nursery and East Ayrshire Woodlands.
The main elements to the project were to create a living willow dome, incorporating
a tunnel entrance and some areas of living willow fencing.

The major problem encountered was the large amount horse tail / mare's tail
probably imported with bark chippings in the distant past. The horrendous weather
throughout the year limited the opportunities to spray the vegetation and in the
Autumn of 2008 it was decided to completely cover the ground with weed suppressant
sheeting and cover with new bark.

A small area of wildflower meadow was initially sown in early Spring 2009 and an
official opening took place in early June.


Initial Draft Plan

Troublesome Mare's Tail   Overgrown Garden

Constructing the Dome   Dome

Horrendous Weeds   Willow Dome

Sheeting the Garden   New Bark   Spreading Bark Chippings

Bark Chiipings Completed   Dome and New Chippings  

Meadow area after sowing   New raised bed area

Opening of the garden  Opening of the garden

Willow all woven in   Willow all woven in  Willow all woven in

Willow all woven in  Willow all woven in